Rectangular Tanks

Single Wall Rectangular Tanks

  • Constructed to UL® 142 standards
  • Material thicknesses range from 12 gauge to 3/8”
  • One-year manufacturers limited warranty
  • Subjected to 1 ½ PSI factory air test
  • Sizes available 20 gallons to 25,000 gallons
  • Multi-compartment tanks available
  • Red Oxide primer (standard)
  • Made with U.S. Steel
  • Custom sizes available
  • Emergency vent openings standard (UL® 142 required)
  • Drain opening
  • Built to specific needs

Double Wall Rectangular Tanks

  • Flameshield® Double Wall storage tanks are manufactured with a tight wrap double wall design. They are engineered with built-in secondary containment and interstitial leak monitoring capabilities
  • Entire tank assembly (primary tank/secondary tank/saddles) labeled UL® 142 and SwRI® #97-04
  • Can build tanks from 50 to 25,000 gallons
  • Custom sizes are available
  • We can ship with vacuum in the interstice to prove integrity of both walls during installation
  • Flameshield® Double Wall meets the requirements of EPA and NFPA 30 & 30A codes
  • Stanwade builds Flameshield® Double Wall tanks in 360 degrees total enclosure secondary containment configurations.
  • Optional 110% secondary containment available
  • Third party quality control inspection program
  • 30-year warranty against internal and external corrosion (third party)
  • Tanks can be built with multiple compartments (multi-product)
  • May reduce fire code separation distances
  • Made with U.S. Steel
  • Built to specific needs

Rectangular Tank