Rectangular Single Wall Workbench Tanks

  • Single wall design
  • Perfect for lube applications
  • Constructed to UL® 142 standards
  • One year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Made with U.S. steel
  • Low overall height 32 Inches
  • Drip edge on 3 sides
  • Support channel under tank
  • Custom sizes available
  • Red Oxide primer (standard)
  • Available in an assortment of colors
SMP Number Tank Capacity Empty Weight Length Width Height Tank Chart Tank Drawing
70-00100WB-UL 100 Gallons 200 lbs. 36 in. 20 in. 35 in. View Chart View Drawing
70-00245WB-UL 245 Gallons 500 lbs. 60 in. 30 in. 35 in. View Chart View Drawing
70-00375WB-UL 375 Gallons 675 lbs. 68 in. 41 in. 35 in. View Chart View Drawing
70-00475WB-UL 475 Gallons 800 lbs. 68 in. 51 in. 35 in. View Chart View Drawing

PLEASE NOTE: All dimensions and weights are approximate. Individual tanks may vary from these values. Custom tank designs available. Tanks, Equipment and Accessories are sold separately.

Rectangular Single Wall Workbench

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