About Our Company

Stanwade Metal Products, Inc. was founded in 1947 by Stanley L. Woofter. When Stan retired in 1995, his son Tim became President. Since that time Stanwade has continued to grow and has become a leader in petroleum storage. What began as a small company manufacturing miscellaneous steel fabrications now proudly produces a wide array of aboveground and underground storage tanks as well as supplying a full line of petroleum equipment while upholding our reputation for quality and service.

The Best Made is Stanwade

Stanwade Metal Products, Inc. has been providing steel tanks and petroleum equipment to valued customers since 1947. Stanwade continues to expand its manufacturing space with over 55,000 square feet and the ability to build steel storage tanks up to 30,000 gallons.

Our mission is to ensure that our customers get the products they want when they want them on time, every time. We will accomplish this by providing creative solutions for our customers' needs with the highest quality products in the industry. Our steel tanks are impermeable and provide compatibility and structural strength making steel the "GREEN" choice for underground and aboveground tanks.

We at Stanwade believe in helping make the earth a better place to live and work. We understand that manufacturing and business have an impact on the planet, and it is our goal to minimize that impact. We believe that any responsible company must be concerned about the preservation of our natural resources. Stanwade is proud to provide quality air and water protection while minimizing waste during our manufacturing process by:

  • Using 100% recyclable steel
  • Utilizing a reusable steel grit in our state-of-the-art Blast Room
    - The indoor Blast Room uses an air-filtering system to limit the amount of air pollution emitted into the environment.
    - The indoor Blast Room is also designed to minimize noise pollution.
  • Working in partnership with suppliers of coating products that are the best in the industry to reduce volatile organic compounds, emissions, and lower hazardous air pollutants.
  • Investing in manufacturing equipment resulting in a cleaner and healthier work environment for our employees

Aerial shot of facility

Facility Interior

A Message from our President

Stanwade Metal Products, Inc., a "GREEN" company, was founded by my father Stanley L. Woofter, in 1947. We began manufacturing children’s furniture, garden trellises, and custom products from steel, a recyclable material. In 1951, due to a shortage of home heating oil tanks caused by the post World War II housing boom, Stanwade began building the 275 gallon basement tanks to fulfill the local needs.

From humble beginnings, Stanwade grew and began manufacturing a full line of aboveground and underground fuel and chemical storage tanks, and, quickly acquired a reputation for quality and service. The Stanwade sales force now has an average of 30 plus years experience in fuel storage, fuel dispensing, and fuel management systems and are eager to assist you with your needs, large or small.

Business Journal Coverage

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